Rick Perry Not Running For Re-Election

Rick Perry Not Running For Re-Election

Governor Rick Perry (R-Texas) said that he would not look for re-election. He’ll leave office with the longest run as Governor in Texas having taken the position in December 2000 when George W. Bush departed for the presidency. During a San Antonio press conference, Perry said of his departure, “The time has come to pass on the mantle of leadership.”

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There will be several in the Texas Republican political circles who could run as the party’s lead.  Attorney General Greg Abbott is the most significant, but it’s not concrete that he will run for the position even though he has put a video promoting himself to potential voters.

While he’s leaving the office next year, he was vague about another run at presidency. In the 2012 GOP nominee race, he was one of the top alternatives to Mitt Romney before effectively eliminating himself in a TV debate after forgetting the other federal agency he wanted to axe.

Perry said that his energy could go into his remaining year and a half in the saddle with the most immediate task being the battle over the 20 week abortion ban. The abortion ban would shut down several clinics in the state and gained national attention via a filibuster by Wendy Davis (D) and Texas women.

As it stands, Perry has been seen as one of the least popular governors in the U.S through the Public Policy Polling agency that cited that 41% agreed with his job performance. That same agency cited that 31% of voters thought he should go for reelection while 62% believed he should hang it up Despite these numbers, it could very well be an uphill battle for Democrats who would want to take the governorship given that Republicans have held on to the state for around two decades now.

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