Rockstar Consortium Considering Selling Off More Nortel Patents

Nortel Networks HQ

The Rockstar Consortium, the group that holds a number of patents from the bankrupt Nortel is planning to put up a larger number of those wireless patents for sale after selling some off during the summer.

Besides the collective technological achievements of the companies in the group made up of Microsoft, Apple, BlackBerry, Ericsson, and Sony, they are also known for halting Google’s advance to lay claim of thousands of patents in 2011. The price of victory was $4.5 billion.

The patents touch on various areas of communication technology such wireless, 4G, and data networking to name a few. The reason that the patents are going on sale is because Rockstar hasn’t been able to actually put them use—or rather license them out as they intended to.

Earlier this year, Rockstar was the subject of a lawsuit against Google, Samsung, and other companies that make use of the Android OS over those very same patents.

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Rockstar Consortium Considering Selling Off More Nortel Patents

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