Rumors Surface on Details of Apple’s iWatch

Rumors Surface on Details of Apple's iWatch

Although far from being announced as an official Apple project, the iWatch has been getting quite a bit of buzz lately. This is largely due to the success of a start-up company entitled Pebble, funded through Kickstarter, which released a line of smart-watches this Janurary. Shortly after their release, Apple has applied for similar patents suggesting an iOS device that would be similar to that of a wristwatch. In February there were reports of an Apple patent for such an invention that was described as a “wearable accessory device.”

Bloomberg recently reported that Apple has employed nearly 100 product designers who are currently developing this so-called iWatch. This new report included such details as specific features; such as making and receiving phone calls, viewing caller IDs on the display of the watch, and having a map and directions feature. There will also be features for runners and joggers, such as fitness tracking apps and a possible pedometer. Bloomberg’s sources also believe the iWatch will sell extremely well due to the typically high margins reported in the watch industry and the solid reputation of the iOS system.

Just this week, The Verge has reported that the iWatch will take advantage of the iOS mobile operating system, in comparison to the touch-OS platform currently used by the iPod nano. This will allow the device to make use of more features and enable full customization.  Even though Apple has not given any solid statements indicating the development and release of the iWatch, there are quite enough rumors to ensure we will mostly likely be seeing one on the market within the next few years.

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