Safety Commission Commends Amazon On Refunding Buyers of Hoverboards

Safety Commission Commends Amazon On Refunding Buyers of Hoverboards

Hoverboards are becoming a bit of problem for retailers due to safety concerns from the products catching fire. Major retailer Amazon is the latest to run into such problems as the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission has pointed it out as one of the companies that will have to refund customers.

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According to Elliot Kaye, chairman of the Commission, retailers aren’t the only companies being targeted in the investigation, but manufacturers of the boards are also on the list. At the moment, customers who have purchased a hoverboard from Amazon can contact them to get a refund.

Kaye commended Amazon for actively offering to refund customers without having to be encouraged to do so, but did encourage others to do the same.

As encouraged as I am by Amazon’s actions, I expect other retailers and manufacturers of hoverboards to take action and offer a full refund now to their customers as well. I also expect responsible large-volume online sellers in particular to stop selling these products until we have more certainty regarding their safety.”

While exploding boards have them the primary concern as it’s the one that gets the most attention, Kaye points out that falls are a concern as well:

“However, I am concerned, for example, that the current designs of these products might not take fully into consideration the different weights of different users, potentially leading to the units speeding up or lurching in a manner that a user would not have reason to anticipate, especially a first-time user.”

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