Samsung Accidentally Posts Galaxy Watch (And Removed It)

Samsung Accidentally Posts Galaxy Watch (And Removed It)

When it comes to smartphones and other devices, leaks can be hard to catch. You really have to be on your toes like CNET’s Scott Stein. Earlier today, Samsung leaked its upcoming smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch. Stein captured the leak before 10:30 AM on Tuesday and we caught a glimpse of the 42mm rose gold version. Absent were the price, release date, and specs.

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Whether it was intentional to get some sweet, sweet buzz going or someone in Samsung actually goofed (way more likely), it does seem to confirm the rumors that the company is ditching numbering for the straight forward “Galaxy Watch” brand-wise. Which is honestly what Samsung should’ve done in the first place.

After CNET pointed out the leak, Samsung was quick to scrub the Galaxy Watch listing. The smartwatch is expected to be announced at the August 9th press event.

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