Samsung Agrees To Pay Apple $548 Million In Patent Dispute

Samsung Agrees To Pay Apple $548 Million In Patent Dispute

Photo Credit: L.A. Times

This has been a year where the smartphone wars have started to wind down on patent front with settlements. Samsung has agreed to pay Apple $548 million before December 14th should the company get an invoice from the Cupertino-based tech giant, according to a U.S District Court statement.

Going back to 2011 Apple and Samsung butted heads over several patents. The following year Samsung took an “L” on it as a court deemed that the company infringed on Apple’s patents. Apple was awarded $1 billion—$1.5 billion short of what it originally requested.

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Since Samsung would have to pay something, the company managed to stave off the settlement with appeals that eventually knocked it down to $548 million locked in earlier this year. The features in question at the time are ones that pretty commonplace in today’s mobile devices.

Some of the hits from this legal dispute included the U.S District Court refusing Apple’s request to have old Samsung phone banned from retail and a degree of meeting on common ground was where the two companies agreed to end legal hostilities internationally.

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