Only 130,000 Devices Have Been Turned In As Samsung Officially Recalls Galaxy Note 7

Only 130,000 Devices Have Been Turned In As Samsung Officially Recalls Galaxy Note 7

Samsung issued a recall for the Galaxy Note 7 due to the defective battery exploding and catching fire. Major U.S carriers and retailers are working with the company and issuing refunds or replacements for the phones. The company officially recalled the smartphone Thursday. This official recall prevents affected Galaxy Note 7 devices from being sold elsewhere such as eBay.

What’s interesting is that while recall affects roughly one million devices, only around 130,000 have been turned in. There’s been two weeks since the recall—plenty of time to go to a carrier store or retail store and turn the device in for a refund or a replacement. In that time, everyone’s been made aware of the battery flaw, the risk of keeping it, that the phone is now banned from airplanes by the FAA, and the recent incidents attributed to the Galaxy Note 7’s battery.

So why have only 10-percent of users followed the company’s advice? It’s been said that people really love the Galaxy Note 7, and there could be something to that given that replacements won’t be in until September 21st so no one’s moving on the recall.

In hopes of boosting that number, Samsung will take various marketing and consumer warning steps to ensure more phones are brought in for the safety of the general public. Until then this mixture of reluctance and being in the dark is likely to result in more incidents.

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