The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is Officially Banned From Flights

The Samsung  Galaxy Note 7 Is Officially Banned From Flights

Things haven’t been going well at all for Samsung in regards to the Galaxy Note 7. Not only is the company expected to lose around $3 billion because of the recall, but now the Galaxy Note 7 has been added to the FAA’s Emergency Restriction list—banning the device from flights.

Mind you there shouldn’t be any Galaxy Note 7s floating about to make it through inspection and onto planes since Samsung, the Consumer  Product Safety Commission, and carriers have all recalled the phone and asked that customers bring theirs in.

The Emergency Restriction/Prohibition Order No. FAA-2016-9288 declares that fliers are not to bring the Galaxy Note 7 on any aircraft. If they just so happen to have the phone on them, they will have to turn it off. The order also makes it so that airlines have to stop anyone with the phone from boarding aircraft.

As far as civil penalties are concerned, if someone manages to bring the phone on board, they could be hit with a fine in excess of “$179,933 for each violation for each day they are found to be in violation”, they could also see maximum jail time of ten year, or both.

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