Samsung Galaxy S4: Prepare For Launch

Samsung Galaxy S4: Prepare For LaunchThe Samsung Galaxy S4, the highly anticipated smart-phone from Samsung, will finally be unveiled on March 14th. Samsung has done a great job keeping the full final build of the phone under wraps, but there are certain features Slash Gear has come across that will be unveiled when Samsung makes the official launch.

With the rise in size of the Samsung lineup of devices and the success of the Samsung Galaxy Note device collection across the board, the Samsung smart-phone in general will continue to remain large. If what we’ve seen from Samsung thus far is true the Samsung Galaxy S4 will either be rising to 4.9 inches across its display, or it’ll remain the size it is right this minute in the Galaxy S III.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will run Android. That’s a given. If Samsung decides to push their own TouchWiz user interface as a full-fledged operating system some time in the future, we can still rest assured that it won’t be happening this week. Android will be running on the Galaxy S4 in a Jelly Bean iteration 4.2 or higher and a newly feature-packed version of Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface will be running on top.

As it has been with each past release of the Galaxy S series and more recently with the Note series, each of the major carriers here in the United States will be rolling out with the Galaxy S4 right out of the gate. While we’re not sure that the release date will be the same for each of the top 4 carriers in the USA, we can be really confident that we’ll see 4G LTE as well as HSPA+ for everyone – both inside and out of North America.

The Samsung “nature-themed” hardware trend will continue with the Galaxy S4. This was foretold by the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, a device the company wouldn’t style as such with a release of a family device so close and in-hand. The Galaxy Note III, though it was released several months earlier, also has a similar style, and the Galaxy Note 10.1 – recently released in a 4G LTE iteration on Verizon.

With the releases of each of the Galaxy S and Note devices following a relatively predictable path along contract-included sales here in the USA, we can expect the Galaxy S4 to either cost $199.99 starting or $249.99 starting, depending on what size storage is smallest for the device. We’ll likely see the 16, 32, 64GB internal storage trend continue also, along with the Galaxy S III’s ability to hold up to 64GB microSD cards for more storage than you could possibly, reasonably, fill.

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