Samsung Galaxy S5 To Be Unveiled In February

Samsung Galaxy S5 To Be Unveiled In February

Mark the date on your calendars, people. The Samsung Galaxy S5 will be unveiled at the Mobile World Expo in Barcelona. The annual Expo takes place over a period of days starting on February 24 and ending on February 27.

During a Seoul press conference, the VP of design strategy for Samsung, Doon-hoon Chang was quite vague about the actual design of the upcoming Galaxy S5 smartphone.

Originally it was rumored that Samsung would move away from the plastic body it has used for years and opt for a metal body. That rumor morphed into something not as definite in that the core Samsung Galaxy S5 would use a plastic body while a more luxury version would—the Galaxy F—would use the metal body.

The rumors continued to roll in for the core Galaxy S5 with it being predicted that it would have a 5.25-inch display, 2K resolution, and 566 ppi pixel density.

The smartphone suspected of being Galaxy F popped up on AnTuTu benchmarks under the model number SM-6900F. The handset’s results showed that it was powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 and has 3GB of RAM.  Device model number SM-6900F sported a 1080p display, a 16MP camera, and ran Android 4.4 Kitkat.

It looks like we’ll have to wait until late February to get anything concrete on what Samsung will be setting the market on fire with this year from the Galaxy S front.

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