Samsung Gear S3 Could Be Revealed In September

Samsung Gear S3 Could Be Revealed In September

There are rumblings that Samsung could reveal its next Gear smartwatch within the coming months. The next major electronics conference is the Internationale Funkausstellung—or the IFA—which comes up in early September. It’s here where SamMobile sees that reveal happening.

The reveals of the next generation of a device tend to run annually like clockwork—depending the company. In the case of Samsung Gear S family of devices, the Gear S2 was hyped the reveal of the device in August and revealed it around the same time as SamMobile reports for the Gear S3.

Outside of noting the Gear S3’s design keeping with S2’s, SamMobile pointed out nothing new or significant about this upcoming S3, so we’ll have to wait and see if anything is coming out of Samsung at IFA.

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