Samsung Offering Free Gear VR In Father’s Day Promo

Samsung Offering Free Gear VR In Father's Day Promo

If you’re in that very specific group that wants to get its hands on the Gear VR and are also considering getting a new Samsung Galaxy S6 or S7 family phone, Samsung has a special treat for you.

For the next two weeks customers will be able to get a free Gear VR headset with the purchase of a Samsung Galaxy S6 (original, Edge, or Edge+), Galaxy S7 (original or Edge), or Galaxy Note 5. In addition, the free Gear VR will come with six Oculus games. To jump in on the deal, customers will have to get the phone first then head over to Samsung’s site to sign up for the promotion.

If this deal sounds familiar, it’s simply the freshening up of a previous deal that had the Gear VR land in the hands of anyone getting the S7 or S7 Edge during launch back in February. This time potential buyers have more of a selection in case they don’t want to go in on an S7.

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