Samsung To Push Ahead With Galaxy S8 In Note 7 Fallout

Samsung To Push Ahead With Galaxy S8 In Note 7 Fallout

With the Galaxy Note 7 recalled, barred by the FAA, and pretty much dead, the company is moving forward with work on Galaxy S8, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal.

In talking with the publication, vice chairman Lee Jae-yong basically gave the essentials for what is expected for the next generation of smartphone such as it having a better camera, design, and will be more responsive. It’s the crux of putting out a new phone the following year, so for the specifics we’ll have to wait until it’s closer to launch.

With the company losing $5 billion, this could be seen as Samsung attempting to conjure some positive appeal for its smartphones by putting Galaxy S8 out there. With the recall and mentioned ban, we’ll have to wait and see if Galaxy S8 can turn around the damage Galaxy Note 7 has done to the brand.

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