Samsung To Expand Into the OLED TV Panel Arena

Samsung To Expand Into the OLED Panel TV Arena

We normally discuss Samsung’s mobile game and business, but Samsung makes a lot of different electronics including televisions—large, expensive televisions. Now the Seoul-based company has its eyes on OLED panel TVs according to SamMobile.

Samsung is no stranger to OLED as it manufactures the displays for its mobile business, but now it appears that the company is getting ready to make TV panels later in the year and enter turf dominated by fellow Seoul giant LG.

While customers get the benefit of wallet-friendly quality OLED panel televisions from the country’s two largest tech companies, the entry of Samsung into this end of the OLED arena benefits both companies as well.

Samsung will add another product to its large arsenal of higher end electronics whereas LG will likely work on its panel TV given Samsung brings quality panels. LG is already working on its mobile OLED to better compete in the end of the arena dominated by Samsung.

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