Samsung Projections Point To Q4 2015 Increase

Samsung Projections Point To Q4 2015 Increase

Samsung looks to have experienced some financial growth in 2015. The Seoul-based company announced its Q4 2015 projections and things show the company picking up $5.1 billion profit from $44 billion—up from over $43 billion from last year.

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If those numbers are true it’s a good sign for Samsung as the company experienced a dip in profit for roughly two years before turning things around in October. Samsung’s smartphone business would be responsible for a little of the profit gained in Q4 2015 with the fruits of the semiconductors and LEDs division being the driving force. Beyond mobile and chips, Samsung’s other products contributed less.

The year-to-year increase isn’t as strong as Samsung wanted and CEO Kwon Oh-hyun made sure to let employees know that they shouldn’t rest on their laurels. In the new year it’s expected that Samsung will bring its A-game on the mobile front as it takes on challenges in high range and lower range markets while also keeping its semiconductors division strong just in case.

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