Samsung releases Rex in hopes of dominating smartphone market

Samsung releases Rex in hopes of dominating smartphone market

Are you ready for Rex? Samsung is ready to launch a nature-inspired, dual supporting feature phone that is affordable dubbed the “Rex “series. The goal of Samsung’s latest foray into the smart phone market is to take on biggies such as Apple and Nokia and dominate the smartphone market.

What’s so special about the Rex 60, 70, 80 and 90 series?  Samsung exec’s say the devices are designed to seamlessly consolidate and prioritize the smartphone functions that are most important to mobile phone users. The result of this new technology? An end-to-end mobile experience that is extraordinary and the best value for the money.  Also, the new Rex phones will feature the exclusive Touchwiz user interface along with icons arranged in a 4×4 array that gives the user one touch access to frequently used apps.

Samsung’s Rex Series continues with what the company calls nature-inspired phones that began with the Galaxy S III model.  Developers call the phones “inspired by nature, designed for humans” because of the organic nature inspired designs and delicate back covers that have a modern, yet sophisticated look.

The dual SIM card support allows users to keep personal and work calls separate even though the calls are received on one line. The Rex pones are able to support up to five different cards and users can switch between the cards without having to reboot the phone.

The Opera Mini browser offers users a fast loading alternative to traditional web browsers. The difference being the Opera Mini is formatted for smaller screens where traditional browsers require content to be reformatted. With this specially designed browser, not only do Rex users have guaranteed faster web browsing and app support, but seamless messaging and social networking communications that include the ChatOn cross platform.

The new high-end phone series also features a HVGA thin-film transistor LCD display, 10MB of user memory, high resolution camera along with the exclusively patented TouchWiz and USB 2.0 slots. In the past, Samsung has had excellent success with Android based devices. Still the company is looking to diversify in a way that will put space between itself and Google. As a result, Samsung execs announced recently that it plans to introduce phones this year that will use Tizen; an Intel-backed Linux based operating system as seen on Nokia’s MeeGo operating system.  Samsung top execs have confirmed the company’s plans to release the new Tizen devices this year and expand the line depending on market conditions.

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