Samsung Says It Owes $52 Million In Patent Infringement Case, Apple Says $380 Million

Samsung Says It Owes $52 Million In Patent Infringement Case, Apple Says $380 Million

It just wouldn’t be a week without Apple and Samsung playing Spy vs. Spy in court. As expected, it’s about patent infringement from Samsung in relation to particular features of the iPhone and iPad.

Apple says that Samsung should pay $380 million whereas Samsung say it should pay at most $52 million. The jury is likely to pick somewhere in the middle after weighing everything and call it a day.

In the opening day of the trial, 13 Samsung devices were pointed out as having infringed on Apple’s patents. One of the main patents on parade was technology that allows for scrolling and bouncing back at the end of documents.

In the original case Apple was awarded $1.05 billion and it was found that 26 devices nicked from six Apple patents. Another trial was declared after a judge found that the jury miscalculated $400 million on 13 of the devices.

“Apple lost sales because Samsung was selling infringing products. In a fair fight, in a fair competition, the money they got would have and should have gone to Apple,” Apple’s attorney Harold McIlhenny said in opening statements.

Basically, Samsung is costing Apple money and using Apple’s own ideas to do it.

On the opposite side of the ring, Samsung attorney Bill Price’s opening statement rested on consumers preferring Samsung’s devices that run with the Android OS and have a large market share.

Price also said that consumers preferred the alternative Android offers and that “Apple is simply asking for much more money than it’s entitled to.”

Samsung’s side admitted to copying Apple’s features, but dismissed the actual significance of the particular technology being contested.

“This is a case not where we’re disputing that the 13 phones contain some elements of Apple’s property. That doesn’t mean Apple gets to come in here and ask for a windfall…for more than it is entitled,” Price said.

While Apple has is pointed out that Samsung has copied them—and Samsung has agreed—Samsung has also mentioned that Apple has copied them.

The current trial focuses on devices that aren’t officially sold anymore, but are still sold second hand. It is scheduled to end sometime next week. From there, the two smartphone super titans will meet up in March for devices in U.S stores now.

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