Samsung Showcased Wearable Welt At CES 2016

Samsung Showcased Wearable Welt At CES 2016

Wearables come in different forms, but are usually in the shape of something that can be worn around the wrist—a band or a watch. There’s also Google’s test run with the Google Glass, which is sure to be a major project for Alphabet. At this year’s CES, Samsung jumped into the wearables arena with a smart belt.

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Now Samsung isn’t the first to bring a smart belt to CES. Last year there was emiota’s Belty, an almost $400 smart belt that measures steps taken, goals, waist size, and general fitness.

The Welt does pretty much the same, but looks less garish than Belty. It was worked on by three Samsung employees in the Creative Lab, which—as the name suggests—lets employees bounce ideas around and work on them. Usually the gadgets and such that come out of the Creative Lab aren’t meant to make it to shelves, but looking at the Welt, Samsung seems to have something that is retail worthy.

Just like Belty, Welt works using senors in the buckle and can be charged via USB. Data can be read using a mobile app. Any chance in waist size—whether gradual or sudden—is observed by Welt’s technology.

So when can Welt be expected? Samsung hasn’t given an exact date on that, but it’s likely that the company will move on given there’s only one actual competitor in this particular part of the wearables market.

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