Samsung unveils new OS: Tizen at MWC 2013

Samsung unveils new OS: Tizen at MWC 2013

Tizen, the new Linux based operating system is the result of the partnership between Intel and Samsung. The OS was formally revealed today at the MWC or Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Samsung showcased several demos of the new system, and made a couple of statements with reference to Tizen and what technology enthusiasts can expect.

In the beginning Tizen was developed as an open source operating system that would permit more content-related liberty for cell phone companies and not bound by Google’s rules and policies. Meanwhile, the cooperation between Huawei and Orange has moved into the fast lane, an alliance of cell phone makers and carriers that helped thrust Tizen development onward.

NTT DoCoMo wants to be the first mobile carrier in the world to begin selling a device with Tizen as the operating system. Samsung is rumored to make public a phone with Tizen installed during 2013. The costs of the first phones running on Tizen could cost around $250-$350 according to NTT DoCoMo and Orange.

Google has been providing the operating system (Android) for Samsung headsets and it seems like they might lose a share of the mobile market. It’s not yet clear whether Tizen will disrupt the Google-Samsung partnership, what is clear is the rising membership of the Tizen organization; time will let us know if the joint venture will continue or if it withers away with time.

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