Schwarznegger In Talks To Co-Star In Cult Troma Film Remake

Schwarznegger In Talks To Co-Star In Cult Troma Film Remake

Former California governor and popular 80s and 90s action hero Arnold Schwarznegger is in talks to co-star in the remake of Troma’s cult film The Toxic Avenger which will be directed by Steve Pink. This mainstream reboot has been met with some scoffs from hardcore fans of Troma and The Toxic Avenger, but having Schwarznegger onboard could ease those concerns.

This reboot will focus on a high school student who gets doused in toxic waste by a chemical company. Is the chemical company corrupt? Of course it is, probably inhabited by yuppie holdouts from the 80s. As expected, the toxic waste gives him the ability to turn into a monster/hero with superhuman strength.

Arnold Schwarznegger will play a character called The Exterminator, a former black ops agent who trains The Toxic Avenger to become a hero.  As expected, they team up to take on the villains in this film—the polluters and the corporation.

The production staff includes Akiva Goldman, Richard Saperstein, Charlie Corwin, Stephen Kessler, and Michael Benaroya. Also on this project is Troma’s own Lloyd Kaufman as executive producer as well as Michael Herz. Production will kick off this fall and film will be promoted to potential buyers at Cannes this week.

The former governor returned to movies on a fuller schedule with 2010’s The Expendables. His two immediate films coming up are The Last Stand and Escape Plan with fellow 80s and 90s action star Sylvester Stallone. Last year he was reprised his role as Trench in The Expendable 2 and will return as Trench in the third entry in the film series. News broke last month that Schwarznegger would return as Conan in The Legend of Conan.

Needless to say, things will be busy for Schwarznegger and he could very well take on more film roles. Personally, while I love that he’s returning as Conan I’m all for him returning as John Matrix in another Commando. Sly Stallone returned as John Rambo, so why not? Even better have them team up as John Rambo and John Matrix in a super movie.

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