Science Committee Pushes For Flexible Drone Regulations in Report

Science Committee Pushes For Flexible Drone Regulations in Report

It looks as though the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine feel that U.S. safety regulations towards commercial drones are too restrictive or “overly conservative.”

In a Congress requested study, the Academy pointed out that regulation should focus on the commercial use of drones and the low-risk factor instead of drones’ potential to damage larger aircraft. One prime example noted is for drones to handle cell phone tower inspection instead of sending human workers up and risking their lives.

Meanwhile, the FAA stated that it was working to get drones integrated into U.S. airspace and to speed up the process to do so. The agency feels that the Academy’s assessments of its regulations are in line with its own intent. The Academy feels that the FAA’s approach as it stands doesn’t match the approach it claims to take.

Overall, the Academy views the FAA’s approach of “fear of making a mistake” is stifling progress where drones can be used commercially given that drones  “do not pose a direct threat to human life in the same way as technologies used in manned aircraft.”


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