Startup In Talks With Studios To Bring New Films To Home Theater For $50

Startup In Talks With Studios To Bring New Films To Home Theater For $50

Executives with major movie studios are considering allowing viewers check out newly released films at home. Variety mentions that this would be achieved via a potential agreement with Screening Room, a service which does just that: allow moviegoers to enjoy a premiering film in the comfort of their own home.

While Screening Room might be unfamiliar to some, an important name behind the startup might ring a few bells in Sean Parker who had experience in founder, executive and consulting roles with Napster, Facebook, Spotify, and Friendster. Parker seems to have gotten executives attention with the concept and on paper it looks like a great idea.

While there are elements of the plan that raise concerns such as the deal being exclusive to Screening Room, a part that raises concern is the $50 cost per film for two days.  If studios don’t mind stepping on theaters’ toes and know that there might not be that many customers who would flock to the service, then Screening Room looks worth it.

However, the cost per film—not including the $150 for a set-top box—could put off most potential customers who would probably spend just short of $50 for two tickets and snacks if they went to the theater.

It’s unknown how these talks will pan out and how many studios will get on board with Screening Room’s approach, but it will definitely net a few in hopes of stemming piracy and trying to catch those viewers who pass on the theater experience.

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