Sesame Street Gets New Home In HBO For Five Seasons

Sesame Street Gets New Home In HBO For Five Seasons

PBS children’s programming flagship show Sesame Street is heading to premium cable after 45 years on the network, according to The New York Times. The deal between the Sesame Workshop and HBO sees the program delivering 35 episodes a year for five seasons as well as 150 older episodes that will fill in the rest of the seasons. In addition to new Sesame Street episodes, the Workshop will also make two spinoff series.

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News of the iconic educational series heading to HBO wasn’t met well by some, especially since the deal specifies that PBS will get airing rights to what would be new episodes on HBO nine months later. While PBS has more than enough decade relevant episodes to fill the week, it’s that new content of an education program that has long been meant for parents and children to enjoy together is now behind a pay wall.

In the meantime there are plenty of episodes for PBS to continue running that will stimulate minds. While some other shows aren’t up to the same standard of Sesame Street, the network is never in short supply of long running programming or shows that can be revived such as The Electric Company, Wishbone, or Ghostwriter.

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