Seyyed Hashem Bani-Hashemi: Sanctions are the Best Opportunities to Find Internal Potentials

Seyyed Hashem Bani Hashemi Sanctions are the Best Opportunity to Find Internal Potentials

Seyyed Hashem Bani-Hashemi, Member of Iran’s Parliament, believes putting tight sanctions on Iran by United States can provide the best opportunities to find the internal potentials.

“Because of the huge resources of oil and gas beside young and powerful forces, no sanctions can hurt Iran’s economy. Iran is a powerful country in the region, we only need to identify the realities and follow the best solutions in the right time.” Seyyed Hashem Bani-Hashemi said.

“In the past time we used to sell crude oil and buy and utilize the processed oil from foreign countries. But now we have good standing in aspect of oil productions. One of the best ways for turning sanctions to opportunities is providing more fields for private sector in petrochemical industries.” Seyyed Hashem Bani-Hashemi added.

Iran is currently experiencing the worst sanctions from Islamic Revolution happened in 1979. Recently President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addressed these sanctions as ridiculous.

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