Shahin Najafi Sings Against Imam Ali al-Hadi

Shahin Najafi, an Iranian musician, singer, rapper, songwriter, and social activist, released a new song titled Naghi which is against Imam Ali al-Hadi.

‘Alī al-Hādī , also known as ‘Alī an-Naqī was the tenth of the Twelve Imams. The exact date of his birth and death are unknown, but it is generally accepted that he was born between 827–830 CE (2nd Rajab, 212 AH-214 AH) and he died in 868 CE. The duration of his life was 34 years. He was the son of Muhammad al-Taqi who was the ninth of the Twelve Imams.

In this song, Shahin Najafi insults Imam Ali al-Hadi and tries to cover political and economic problems and issues in the lyrics.

Shahin born in 1980 in Bandar-e Anzali, Iran. He is currently residing in Germany. He began his music career in Iran before immigrating to Germany in 2005. He has been referred to as being one of the forefronters in the Iran’s modern hip hop scene by several experts and critics.

Ayatollah Lotfollah Safi Golpaygani who is an Iranian Twelver Shia Marja and Muslim religious leader issues a new decree about people insulting Imams especially Shahin Najafi. In his statement those insult Imams are Mortad and they should be killed by Muslims.

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