SHE Prevention Device to Be Sold Nationally In India

SHE Prevention Device to Be Sold Nationally In India

As we’ve seen in the news over the last few months, there has been a number of rape incidents—some resulting in murder—in India. A trio of students from Tamil Nadu’s SRM Institute of Science and Technology has invented anti-rape shock underwear which can deliver 3,800 kilovolts to offenders. It’s called the SHE which stands for Society Harnessing Equipment and comes with other features as well.

There is a GSM and GPS built in which can send the location of the wearer as well as warning texts messages to law enforcement and to the parents or other family members. The design features sensors that have a circuit board attached to the camisole. The sensors built in can pick up on force and deliver the shocks. A survey conducted with women and police have shown that would be rapists target the bust so the sensors were put there.

To prevent the wearer from being harmed, there is a protective polymer underneath the circuits. There is a question of how the protection device picks up on what is force and what is a welcomed gesture. Despite this, SHE has won the Gandhian Young Technology Innovation Award and looks to be in stores by the end of the month.

The device was created not only in response to the sex crimes, but also it was also a response to the snail’s pace of legislation.

A recent NBC study has shown that overall tourism down in India by 25 percent and the number of female tourist down by 35 percent as a result of recent gang rapes. One such incident occurred on a public bus and involved a native of India, another involved tourists who were blamed for not being familiar with the area, and the most recent was the death of a 23-year old tourist. Operators have mentioned that most of the cancelled bookings were from tourists from the US, UK, Australia, and Canada.

While the SHE device being sold in stores—and being shown to work as a deterrent—could bring back some lost tourism and cut down sex crimes for local women, the idea that such a device is even needed wouldn’t do much to help the country’s image which in turn could do very little to help tourism in the immediate time.

Never mind the tourism and economic aspect, SHE has it use as protection. Requiring a woman to have to wear protective, carry weapons designed for this specific crime in mind, and be trained in self-defense is basically telling them there is a target on them at all times. While devices like SHE can provide a measure of security and possibly halt rape in that instance, but they also limit they freedom to walk around even areas they’ve been through regularly without needing to be a kind of mini-armory. Sure some sort of protection is needed depending on where you live. Of course, if you live in a place with moderate to high crime in any particular area, it would be wise to have some sort of protection.

The goal should be to change social views on women instead of saying “You’re going to need this.” Of course that would be a “perfect world” where it would be possible for a woman to walk down the street without unwanted glances, advances, and at the extreme end–sexual assault.

With that said, expect more prevention devices such as this to turn up and possibly even the SHE to see a worldwide release if successful in India. It is certainly more marketable than say the Rapeax.

What are your opinions on the Society Harnessing Equipment? Can you see this being released worldwide? What do you think of the need for this device? Let us know.

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