Skype Translator To Be Included In Skype App As Windows 10 Launch Nears

Skype Translator To Be Included In Skype App As Windows 10 Launch Nears

It looks as though Microsoft is close to releasing Skype Translator with real-time translation. So far the company has been testing and previewing the Skype Translator for more than six months and users can expect it out this summer—perhaps alongside the expected launch of Windows 10 as part of Skype proper for desktop.

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Throughout the duration of the preview period, Skype Translator was closed off to users who didn’t have an invite to test it out and could only handle a couple of language translations such as English, Italian, Mandarin, and Spanish in video calls and IMs. That said, the preview period showed positive numbers when after “invite only” was dropped there has been a 300 percent jump in usage of Skype Translator.

In bundling it with Skype, Microsoft is offering users a full Skype experience while also working on making sure that real-time translation handles more languages. As for a glimpse at the improved Skype, users can expected that in a couple of weeks as Microsoft rides closer to a potential late July release for Windows 10.

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