Small Tablets or Smartphones: Which is Better?

Small Tablets or Smartphones: Which is Better?

Most people like tablets, and many more people like smartphones for the sheer convenience they offer. The feel of a phone or small tablet in your hands is reassuring and the feeling is familiar. Today, the variety of things you can do with a tablet or smartphone is simply amazing. However, people do keep asking themselves, should I settle for a tablet or a smartphone permanently? It is not an easy decision to make, for most people. It was common for people to get to work, sign into their PCs and try to complete the day’s work assigned to them.  In the evening they were just waiting to get back home and settle with TV remote control held firmly in their hands, surfing through their favorite channels, looking for the program they loved watching most.  All that is undergoing a drastic change today, or rather has changed already for most people.

First it was the tablet that made an entry into the lives of people and set to change the way people behaved and reacted. A little later, today it is the turn of the smartphone to displace the position that the tablet had captured. Anything you could do on your tablet can now be done on the smartphone as well. What’s more, it is a lot easier to carry a smartphone around. At one time, the tablet was considered the easiest device to carry around for a person on the go. Of course, it is certainly more comfortable to handle a tablet than a smartphone. You can type faster on a tablet’s keyboard than on the smartphone’s keypad. However, does this justify carrying a tablet and a smartphone as well? Well most people are doing that already, and if you ask them which one they would prefer to discard, the answer would obviously be “tablet”.

It is OK with women who always carry bags where they should be able to find enough space to carry a tablet. However, men rarely carry bags around (except for people who still carry laptops), hence it is the men who would find it difficult to carry around a tablet. Even if you were to find a means of comfortably carrying a tablet, it is not practical to be pulling it out every now and then, as you can do with a smartphone. Moreover, most tablets could be Wi-Fi only, and that is where the smartphone scores over the tablet comfortably. Accessing you mail, the news, weather forecasts, and social media networks can all be done on a smartphone as easily as it can be done on a tablet. So, why then carry something that is a lot more bulky and heavier?

Of course, you just can’t summarily dismiss a tablet. It has its own uses, and you can probably enjoy watching a video or movie better on a tablet than on the smaller screen of a smartphone. For a person who needs to travel frequently on work related matters, a tablet would certainly present better solutions as far as computing is concerned. For people who have fixed routines, the question is still bugging their minds, “should I carry a smartphone or a tablet?” Most of you certainly have access to the traditional PCs at work and at home as well. Is another computing device justified when a smartphone can fill in as a computing device and an ordinary phone as well? Is it worth investing a lot of money on a tablet when the smartphone can serve the purpose is the question that still lingers in most people’s minds. What would you do, discard the tablet for a smartphone?

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