Snapchat Passes Twitter In Daily Active Users

Snapchat Passes Twitter In Daily Active Users

In the social media pantheon the platforms that look to stick around for awhile are Facebook and Twitter. In the case of the latter, the platform’s app is getting heavy competition from Snapchat, says a recent report from Bloomberg.

In sheer numbers, Snapchat is sitting at 150 million per day while Twitter is falling short by 10 million. While neither company puts its active numbers out for the public, Bloomberg’s sources say that Snapchat is the platform with continued growth while Twitter has grinded to a halt.

Twitter is used by politicians, activists, athletes, artists, and companies to reach out to customer, voter, and fan bases and it’s the platform that is usually put out there on television to reel those people in. Those numbers have to be means for concern for Twitter and advertisers.

Note that this is a measurement of daily active use. There was no measurement for active use by the month so it should be interesting to see how those numbers fall for the two companies.

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