Solitaire Returning To Windows 10

Solitaire Returning To Windows 10

For those of us who didn’t play the long packaged Microsoft Windows games much, the absence of classics Solitaire, Minesweeper, and Hearts probably weren’t missed or noticed in Windows 8. Microsoft has said that it was familiar with the fanbase these titles had but opted to remove them anyway and place them in the Windows Store.

Windows Universal Apps Will Be Addressed As “Windows Apps”

Windows 10 will give the nod to Solitaire fans as the classic card game will be included as a built-in game. Now that doesn’t mean you should expect the old school version from Windows 95, 98, 2000, or XP but the modern version available in the Windows Store. Don’t fret, the game plays exactly the same as it always has, it’s just graphically updated.

So what about Minesweeper and Hearts? For some reason only Solitaire was mentioned and by the summer launch of Windows 10 those two games could either be included in the built-in game suite or remain in the Windows Store. While there are many larger features to notice about the upcoming Windows 10, one has to wonder how much of an effort and how resource exhaustive Minesweeper and Hearts would be that this trio of games were all announced at the same time. For now we can only hope they all make it to Windows 10’s games suite.

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