Some of the Most Interesting iPhone 6 Rumors

Some of the Most Interesting iPhone 6 Rumors

When it comes to Apple, the rumor mill is constantly churning. From lawsuits, to new forays into different technologies, to the thing that creates the most buzz—its family of iDevices—rarely does a week pass that a new rumor fails to pop up. It’s only natural that iPhone 6 rumors would be at their peak with Samsung rumored to release the Galaxy S5 in few months.

We’ll take a quick look at some of the more interesting rumors we’ve come across online. Note that most of it comprises of “sourced” rumors, predictions, and wish lists of what the next iPhone should have by now.

Release Date

While the bulk of the rumors are about specs, the most important one for the large fanbase beyond technology watchers is the release date. While a concrete release date hasn’t been set, it’s typically put between early summer and early fall—between June and September to be exact.

Larger Screen Size and Sapphire Screen

These two go hand in hand. While people have said “Galaxy S4’s screen is too big, iPhone 5’s is just right,” I say “Hogwash.” iPhone 5’s screen is fine if you don’t have giant hands or hands like the small hands guy in that one Burger King commercial, but Galaxy S4’s screen was dream when it came to size. Early in the rumor mill—actually earlier than that—there have been rumors of a larger screen for the iPhone.

Working with Sharp only serves to fan the fires of speculation about a tougher display for iPhone 6. Weeks earlier, Apple Insider pointed to iPhone 6 most likely having a sapphire display.

Sleeker Design

This isn’t so much a rumor as being expected. From gaming consoles to TVs to smartwatches, everything has to be thinner and slimmed down. Smartphones are no different.

Two Release Versions

This is a pretty interesting rumor. It’s expected there will be another version of the iPhone 6 down the line, but to have to available versions at launch would be a good way to present a more “Something for everyone” approach with the new iPhone. Now what does “two versions” entail is another story.

Don’t expect something similar to iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, but the execution will be roughly the same. It could be a more mass market affordable one and the standard priced one that are different in materials used or a larger sized one and a slimmer, portable one.

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