Sony Considering Splitting Entertainment Wing From Electronics Wing

Sony Considering Splitting Entertainment Wing From Electronics Wing

It looks as though Sony is putting thought into making the electronics and entertainment divisions separate entities. This comes after billionaire investor Daniel Loeb’s public offering for Sony’s entertainment side of the company which encompasses film, music, and PlayStation. With a stake of 6%–weighing in at $1.1 billion—Loeb and Third Point LLC is the biggest investor in the company.

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In short, he believes that its best that Sony cuts the strong performing entertainment wing from the under-performing electronics wing.

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Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai has mentioned that top players in the company are thinking about Loeb’s plan and offer. In the past he has said that the entertainment wing isn’t for sale. Of the plan Hirai stated, “It’s only a start. It’s important that the board will discuss this and come to a decision that represents Sony’s stance.” It should be noted that Sony’s stock jumped 9% following the offer and following Xbox ONE’s reveal.

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