Sony Files To Trademark “Let’s Play”

Sony Files To Trademark "Let's Play"

The Let’s Play video has been a staple of YouTube for years. Let’s Play videos have spawned various spin-off genres and are the roots to many live streaming sites we have today. It’s such a moneymaker that it has made YouTube stars out people who were sharing their videos for fun and with no intent of being stars.

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That moneymaking potential is what has drawn Sony to want to trademark the term “Let’s Play” as discovered by the NeoGaf community. In holding the trademark, Sony could keep content creators who make a profit or could make a profit from calling their videos “Let’s Plays”—something that put Sony in a bad light among content creators and their fans.

There’s also the branding potential of holding the trademark which Sony would have to act on in some fashion to actually hold on to the name. This could range from labeling player videos ran on the PS4 to Sony making its own live streaming platform for gaming similar to YouTube Gaming, Twitch, and Hit Box.

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It’s unknown what Sony wants to do with the “Let’s Play” trademark even though the definition in the filing and the date it was filed—late October—points to the company actually using it for something. The year is still young so we’ll learn more if anything comes of the filing.

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