Sony Leaves Computer Arena, Sells Off VAIO

Sony Leaves Computer Arena, Sells Off VAIO

Sony has officially dropped out of the computer game by dropping the VAIO division and will stop their “planning, design and development of PC products.” Taking over VAIO will be Japan Industrial Partners in July. As for why Sony is tapping out at this point, they said it was because of “drastic changes in the global PC industry.”

JIP will be bringing some 250-300 Sony employees to work on VAIO computers in their home turf. VAIO burst onto the scene in 1996 with desktops and has grown over the years with new models and laptops being added to the VAIO family. The brand has typically been considered to be in the top tier of quality PCs and laptops throughout its manufacturing run with Sony despite some questionable models.

The computer division is one of the divisions have been losing money for Sony. This was compounded by the PC market sinking—mainly because of the rise of smartphones and tablets. Not only that, but Sony’s entertainment division has been doing to hot either.

So where is Sony going now? The company will turn its focus toward smartphones and tablets and attempt to get a firm foot in that market. Their gaming division led by the PlayStation brand is doing well with the sales of the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 3 moving units steadily.

It’s too early to determine what Sony’s performance will be in the mobile division given the hot competition from Apple and Samsung/Google at one end and it looks like it’ll be dueling for a favorable position with gaming rival Microsoft.

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