Sony Pictures Was Hacked In February

Sony Pictures Was Hacked In February

It should come as little surprise that Sony Pictures has been hacked before—earlier in the year. Gawker managed to get emails that detail February’s attack focused on an internal system used by Sony called SpiritWORLD in addition to other servers.

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SpiritWORLD allowed for Sony to distribute financial information as well as media digitally. There’s been little to go on that indicates that the February and November attacks are related.

Looking at both attacks, the February situation was confirmed to have originated from Brazil and targeting that particular market and the November attack having questionable origins and having a much wider net of targets.

Given that the November attack was a hard hit and tons of important need-to-know data and media was leaked, it was a given that Sony Pictures would have to go public about the situation.

The Brazil attack wasn’t the same as it targeted a specific market and could’ve been corrected in a timely matter without the need to go public by the studio.

Recently, Sony has apologized for the leak of personal information as well as leaked racially insensitive emails related to a Sony producer meeting with U.S President Barack Obama.

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