Sony Xperia Z3 No Longer Available At T-Mobile

Sony Xperia Z3 No Longer Available At T-Mobile

T-Mobile has decided to pull the Sony Xperia Z3 smartphone and point customers towards the Xperia Z and Z1S phones instead. By dropping the Xperia Z3, the available options for handsets from Sony looks to have dried up. It’s no surprise as Sony has been hobbling in the U.S smartphone market which is heavily dominated by iPhone and more establish Android phones.

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Normally when a carrier pulls a handset it’s because it is outdated or little to no demand for it. The case seems to be the latter for the Xperia Z3. Released in late 2014, promoted as a high end Android phone, and widely applauded, the Z3 has been slow to pick up updates which hasn’t sat well with owners and potential buyers.

While T-Mobile is giving customers the option of 2013’s Xperia Z and the exclusive Z1s from 2014, Verizon is still offering the Xperia Z3v for $500 upfront, $1 on a two year contract, or $21 on Verizon EDGE. If you’re on T-Mobile and still want the Z3, your best bet would be to take look on eBay a handset.

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