SpaceX and The U.S Air Force Settle Dispute Over EELV

SpaceX and The U.S Air Force Settle Dispute Over EELV

A claims court battle between SpaceX and the U.S Air Force has resulted in a new agreement that sees the two work towards completing the disputed certification process faster.

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The issue was over serious claims that the U.S Air Force was essentially showing favoritism towards aircraft manufacturers Lockheed Martin and Boeing in its Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle program. The EELV is meant to make space launches affordable. While the primary usage has been in launching military satellites, SpaceX looks to launch spacecraft and satellites for other purposes.

The supposed favoritism resulted in competition when comes to the aerospace arena. SpaceX has essentially been kept on the outside of competing due to what co-founder Elon Musk says was a lengthy certification process.

With the resolution, the U.S Air Force will offer more “competitive opportunities” within its EELV program. The current events change nothing with Lockheed Martin and Boeing’s involvement in the program, but some doors will be opened a little wider for SpaceX and whatever other companies look to dive in—given that those companies are up for competing for the spots.

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