Sprint To Pick Up Retail Space In 1,750 RadioShack Stores

Sprint To Pick Up Retail Space In 1,750 RadioShack Stores

It looks as though Sprint will pick up space in RadioShack stores as the electronics retailer files Chapter 11 bankruptcy and puts 2,400 stores up for sale.

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On Tuesday it was reported that Amazon was interested in buying stores owned by the failing chain. After years of failing to both turn a profit and spark interest in its brand, RadioShack is looking to a new deal with Sprint while selling off 2,400 stores to investment firm Standard General.

The nature of Sprint’s involvement in this new deal is that the carrier would hold around one third of the space in RadioShack stores for its own store. As expected, the stores would handle Sprint branded devices and promoting plans.

In a statement Sprint made sure to point out that the stores would be co-branded with their brand being the primary one. “The stores will be co-branded with Sprint being the primary brand on storefronts and in marketing materials.”

At the moment the carrier holds around 1,100 of its own sole-branded stores and are likely to pick up 1,750 sites should the RadioShack deal go through.

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