Square Enix Developing RPG Cosmos Rings For Apple Watch

Square Enix Developing RPG Cosmos Rings For Apple Watch

Legendary RPG developer/publisher Square Enix is currently developing a game for the Apple Watch. As expected Cosmos Rings will be a roleplaying game, but other than that there’s very little known about the specific mechanics of game since this is a new platform for Square Enix.

If you’re familiar with Square Enix’s Chaos Rings series, a mostly mobile-based Japanese RPG series that uses a fairly traditional RPG system of party and turn-based combat approach, Cosmos Rings is a spinoff of that series. The game was made to take advantage of Apple Watch features instead of simply being a catch all RPG to be played on the device.

The Chaos Rings franchise has gotten very favorable ratings as a whole, so it’s possible Cosmos Rings could be well received if it doesn’t stray too far from what brought the others games to the dance. We’ll have to wait until later in the summer to see how Cosmos Rings turns out.

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