Star Trek Makes Television Series Return In 2017

Star Trek Makes Television Series Return In 2017

The last time the Star Trek franchise had a series on television was the 2001-2005 for Star Trek Enterprise on UPN. Now a new series will arrive in 2017 and marks a number of milestones for the franchise as well as more sci-fi on network television.

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This recently announced new series will air on CBS—at least for the series premiere. The plan for the new series is for it to air on the network’s CBS All-Access and hopefully draws fans to the $5.99 a month service. The new Star Trek marks the first series being made for All-Access as well as a Star Trek for this generation and this decade.

The series will hit CBS in January 2017, around the time of the 50th anniversary of the franchise. Alex Kurtzman will be onboard as executive producer; some of his most well known work includes the current Star Trek film series, Sleepy Hollow, Xena, and Hercules.

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The new Star Trek presents a number of questions: Will the series tie in with the current rebooted film series? Will it be a canonical continuation of the television franchise or a reboot? Will it start with the big two part episode? There’s still a good year and some change between now and the series’ debut as well as a number of high profile conventions, so expect more details in that time.

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