Steam,, and Square Enix Winter Sales Close To Wrapping Up, But There’s Still Time

Steam,, and Square Enix Winter Sales Close To Wrapping Up, But There's Still Time


If you’re looking for some classics, just more games to enjoy on your iDevice, or if you’re a Square Enix fan then check out the gaming giant’s iOS holiday sale. It brings a ton of apps, updates, and some extremely impressive discounts.

For $2.99 each you can snag Space Invaders, Space Invaders Infinity Gene, Bubble Bobble Double, RAYFORCE, and Space Invaders HD. You can also pick up Gardening Mama at $3.99 and RAYSTORM at $4.99.

Note that those are just the most recent additions. In the holiday sale you can also get titles from the Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy franchises as well as others for between free and $3.99. You check out Square Enix’s App Store for more titles that are on sale.

The holiday sale will end January 6, so there’s plenty of time left for you check through and pick what you’d like.

Moving away from the smartphone realm to PC gaming, both Steam and are offering a ton of games for large discounts. Steam requires that you download their client to enjoy the titles and in some cases you’ll need a PC with some chops. Meanwhile—which offers a few of the newest, less resource draining titles—requires no additional client and is offering more along the lines of old school PC gaming from the 90s and early-mid 2000s.

While Steam offers special deals regularly, offers some sort of deal on a weekly basis. Be sure to check both of those out to get in on some good games. While Steam’s holiday sale does have some big name games on stage with a discount—such as Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag—when talking Steam, the focus is usually the amount of tremendous indie games available.

Hotline Miami, Magicka, Knights of Paper and Pen +1 Edition, and Orcs Must Die! 2 are all available for under $5 on Steam. Meanwhile on GOG, you can snag the Ultima 1-3 and 4-6 for $2.99 each, Papers, Please for $6.66, and more. In addition to joining GOG, you get a number of free games ranging from RPGs to point and click adventures added to your game cabinet. There’s still time to jump in on both sales end January 3.

What did you pick up during the holiday sales? Let us know below.

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