Sweden Opens Electrified Road In First Leg of Fossil Fuel Independence By 2030

Sweden Opens Electrified Road In First Leg of Fossil Fuel Independence By 2030

Sweden is making waves when it comes to electric vehicles by having an electrified road. Opened on Wednesday, the road near Stockholm recharges personal, public, and commercial vehicles.  

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 It runs for 1.2 miles between the Swedish government’s logistics site and the Stockholm Arlanda airport. The project comes by way of the eRoadArlanda consortium. Plans so far are to spiral this nationally as Sweden pushes to be rid of oil and gas dependence in 12 years.  

It isn’t the first in the country or even the world, but it is the first to be used for electric cars. California experimented with the concept last year with an electric road for trucks. Siemen’s electrified road uses overhead wires and an arm that connects to the wires. In 2013, South Korea tested electric roads that featured no wires while a similar concept was tested on the campus of Utah State University with buses around the same time. 

As for Sweden’s electrified road, it uses arms that connect to rails and transfers electricity. The electrical current connects when the vehicle is above the rail. One problem with the technology was that the batteries were pricey which would hurt adaptation of electric vehicles nationwide.  

It’s the consortium’s hope that since the batteries will be more affordable the population with take to the electric car concept even faster. On top of that, electrified roads will handle the issue of keeping these batteries charged since a vehicle wouldn’t need to stop and recharge. 

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