T-Mobile CEO Takes Shots At Verizon and The New Logo

T-Mobile CEO Takes Shots At Verizon and It's New Logo

T-Mobile recently got out of the fourth place position in the U.S stepping over Sprint in the process. The company has now set its sights on Verizon who have just unveiled its new logo with CEO John Legere taking shots at the largest mobile carrier via Twitter.

T-Mobile CEO Takes Shots At Verizon and It's New Logo

The jabs basically saw Legere take the logo and point out what he believes is wrong with the rival carrier. Each point is shown with the small Verizon check as if marking off a list. The points also happen to be selling points of joining T-Mobile’s network.

The post resulted in Twitter users either voicing their approval or disapproval of the tactic. When it was pointed out by one user that it wasn’t actual marketing and that T-Mobile shouldn’t take shots at Verizon, Legere said that Verizon should be ridiculed for not offering similar plans.

Legere’s post also saw competitors Sprint and Verizon swoop in with customer service accounts to try and scoop up new subscribers while T-Mobile’s customer service swooped in to address current subscribers concerns about coverage.

Meanwhile the other two large carriers are dueling with Sprint challenging AT&T in more conventional marking combat. The current promotion sees Sprint tackling the company through its own DirecTV service.

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