T-Mobile To Pay $48 Million For Data Throttling Under Unlimited Data Plan

T-Mobile To Pay $48 Million For Data Throttling Under Unlimited Data Plan

T-Mobile was busted by the FCC for slowing down data connections for heavy use customers. This comes after an investigation into the company’s heavily promoted unlimited data plan. Of course FCC is very zero tolerance on such things and now the mobile carrier is paying $48 million.

The company’s practice of slowing down heavy data users isn’t something FCC just discovered as T-Mobile revealed that it chokes data for customers in the upper reaches of data usage back in 2015. T-Mobile used the same practice for MetroPCS.

While it would seem that the data throttling would be the problem, it’s that T-Mobile promoted the plan as “unlimited data plan.” The carrier ran afoul of the FCC’s Open Internet Transparency Rule in particular:

The Rule requires that what providers tell you about their broadband service is sufficient for you to make informed choices – including choices about speed and price. The rule also requires that providers’ information about their broadband service must be accurate and truthful.

Via a $35.5 million consumer benefit program, T-Mobile and MetroPCS customers who had their data choked will be able to pick up 4GB of mobile data under the company’s Simple Choice MINT plan and 20-percent off phone accessories.

The U.S Treasury will be paid $7.5 million from T-Mobile’s payout while the rest will go to U.S schools providing resources and services.

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