T-Mobile to finally release iPhone 5 sooner rather than later?

T-Mobile to finally release iPhone 5 sooner rather than later?

Are the rumors true? Will “the fastest mobile carrier” in the U.S. finally offer Apple’s latest “wonder phone”?

It seems that T-Mobile customers will not have to hold their breath much longer for an iPhone 5.  According to inside sources the long waited addition of Apple’s latest “wonder phone” should be available around April 14th of this year.  This is much quicker than the carrier first told customers to expect.

T-Mobile users were originally told it would be much later this year, as in mid-summer to fall before they could get their hands on an iPhone 5.  The shortened waiting time from up to nine months to about four months should make T-Mobile’s iPhone users and those who are wanting to switch happy customers indeed. Currently the carrier has about 2 million subscribers already with an iPhone.

Inside sources have hinted that there will be something new when T-Mobile iPhones become available and that is that the company will no longer offer handsets with subsidies. Upper management is of the opinion that the change will not cause sales to suffer. In fact, they believe that it might be to their advantage as there is a possibility of lower fees each month.  The company is hoping for an increase in subscribers as a result of the change.

Another possible change is that T-Mobile will no longer be locking customers into two-year contracts. This means good news for the carrier’s millions of customers since they would be able to update to a new handset each year.   The move would also benefit T-Mobile since so far Apple seems to be releasing a new version of the iPhone each year as the possible result would be increased sales in new units for T-Mobile.

So will T-Mobile indeed have an earlier release than originally planned?  Company sources indicate that employees were sent an email informing them of a four-week long black out period beginning March 18th and ending April 14th.  Generally this type of new indicates the release of a new iPhone with other U.S. carriers.  Therefore, it is indeed possible to presume that such news can only mean the same thing for T-Mobile to be getting ready for release of the iPhone 5.  Let us hope that is indeed what it does mean which will make for quite a large number of anxious T-Mobile customers who are more than ready to see if the newest addition to the iPhone line is worth the wait and lives up to the hype.

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