Tesla Recalls Roughly 2,700 Model X Cars Over Third-Row Seat Issue

Tesla Recalls Roughly 2,700 Model X Cars Over Third-Row Seat Issue

While Tesla is experiencing a great amount of success with the preorders on the Model 3, there are some roadblocks with the Model X, a model that came out late last year and is known for its distinct gull-wing doors.

It seems that a few Model X cars—around 2,700—that were manufactured prior to March 26th because over a flaw with third row seating that results in the seats folding during a crash.

Tesla pointed out the seat in question did well in 15 out of 16 tests and that the flaw fell on the manufacturing line and not the concept/design side of things as manufacturing of that third-row seat was handled outside of the company. The flaw was caught prior to the Model X deliveries for Europe.

Tesla said that the company already got around to a solution for the flaw and that the recalled cars will be fixed within the coming weeks. The company noted that there will be a two hour service stop for the fix and it is advised that the third row not be used until then.

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