The 10-Cent Promotion For Windows 10 Is In Full Swing

The 10-Cent Promotion For Windows 10 Is In Full Swing

Microsoft is currently running a 10 cent promotion to reel more people into jumping on board with its recent Windows 10 OS. The company is offering up over a thousand apps, games, films, and tunes in the promotion that flows into the upcoming Black Friday promotion.

Microsoft Wants You To Trade Up For Windows 10 

While you will own the apps, games, and songs the movies will be available for rent but include a good amount of blockbusters and recent films. Over course of ten days Microsoft will change the movies available.

What you’re getting as far games, you’re getting the mobile companion of a lot major titles that are on Xbox in the Assassins Creed and Hitman series, but there are also a few mobile hits such as episodes from the Angry Birds franchise. Unlike movies, the games will be available for the 10 cent promotion for a couple of days.

Windows 10 Is Now On 110 Million Devices 

If you remember the Amazon App Store winter sale from last year, you’ll know a chunk of it was made up of various apps that didn’t fall into the entertainment category. That’s pretty much the case here with Windows 10. If you’re hunting for some productivity apps or need something open files, you’ll find a good deal in this promotion.

You have until November 29 to pick up some apps at a discount, so there’s plenty of time and even more Windows goods will be discounted shortly for Black Friday.

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