The FAA Is Looking Into Regulations For Flying Drones In Populated Areas

The FAA Is Looking Into Regulations For Flying Drones In Populated Areas

The Federal Aviation Administration is entertaining major companies’ wishes to allow for drones to fly over heavily populated areas.

Normally drones would serve as a potential safety hazard if they fell on pedestrians, pets, or property for whatever reason. It’s the reason why the FAA came up with strict regulation on what can and can’t fly, where, and what has to be registered. Companies that are expanding into drone delivery are looking to work with the government to make this easier for everyone and want the FAA to come up with regulations for how they should operate so they can get drones in air.

The FAA is bouncing the ball back to publicly and privately held companies to brainstorm recommendations for safety standards for the agency to look over and possibly structure a rule set for companies to work within. April 1st will be pencils down on this task.

Things seem to be focused more towards companies than recreational drone operators. Companies would need to fly over people as a matter of cutting travel time on routes, delivering to specific locations that could be in a populated area, and for test runs.

To achieve this, there would need to be a framework for how they can operate so that drones and the drawing board can be changed as needed. Not only that, but it would help companies that area entering the drone delivery arena avoid a legal battle with government ahead of time and avoid running into local law enforcement as they slowly come up with methods of dealing with violating drones.

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