The FBI and Microsoft’s Botnet Hunting Excursion’s Numbers Revealed

The FBI and Microsoft's Botnet Hunting Excursion's Numbers Revealed

Microsoft and the FBI took out some 1,400 Citadel botnets over a period of time and announced their success earlier this month. Richard Domingues Boscovich—Ballmer and Co.’s Digital Crime Unit assistant general counsel—revealed that the tag team freed around 2 million PCs worldwide from the Trojan. The firm said that roughly $500 million was snatched from bank accounts by the botnet operators by leeching computers stricken with Citadel.

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Apparently the main operator—the one who released the virus—is still out there and probably just laying low as there could be another sweeping operation in action now. Of course the FBI, Microsoft, and company wouldn’t make it known that they were hunting botnets they didn’t snag in the first sweep. There are still numerous PC affected by Citadel, Boscovich said that the Digital Crime Unit is confident that they got most of the botnet operators they had in their sights.

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