The Intelligence Ministry of Iran Announced The Arresting Israeli Terrorist Team

Ministry of Intelligence and National Security announced the forces have identified and arrested a terrorist team which was supported by the Israel governments.

According to the declaration issued by the Intelligence Ministry of Iran, Israel-backed terrorist team was planning to carry out attacks ahead of the crucial nuclear talks with the world powers in Istanbul. Several operations were done in central and border provinces during three months. An unidentified Intelligence Ministry official said that heavy bombs, machine guns, handguns, silencers, military and telecommunications equipment and other terrorist tools were seized during several raids.

The declaration doesn’t include any information regarding the number of the members or the exact time of arresting. Also it didn’t refer to the location of the raids and operations. Some sources believe the team was arrested near the Azerbaijan borders.

The Intelligence Ministry said security forces identified and arrested all of the team’s members before they could implement their plan. However, the Israeli Government has refused to comment on the arrests made.

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